Vancouver’s WealthBar has partnered with Assante Wealth Management to launch Assante Connect, a new online investing platform specifically designed for clients of Assante financial advisors.

Pairing online investing with wealth management advice is a new segment in Canadian financial services.

The new partnership illustrates how CI Financial, the parent company of Assante and WealthBar, is leveraging innovations in fintech to enhance its products and services throughout its operations.

“Assante Connect will broaden the reach of our advice by leveraging technology and an appealing and accessible digital experience combined with advice from experienced financial professionals,” said Sean Etherington, President of Assante.

“What we’ve heard from clients is that over time their needs and the level of support they desire changes. This platform provides Assante advisors with the flexibility to stay connected with these clients and adapt to their evolving goals and complexity.”

“What makes Assante Connect distinct is the combination of leading-edge technology and award-winning portfolio management at a competitive price,” said Chris Nicola, President and Chief Technology Officer of WealthBar.

“Canadians will benefit immensely from not only the investment expertise, but from knowing that their trusted advisor is always available.”

WealthBar is a online wealth management and financial planning platform offering premium online investing portfolios and low-fee ETFs, along with unlimited commission-free advice.

WealthBar was founded by Tea and Chris Nicola in 2014.