Rise People has announced a strategic partnership with Planswell, a fintech startup that creates no-cost, intelligent financial plans to help people align their investments, insurance, and mortgage needs with their personal goals.

The partnership will allow Rise to expand its employee health and wellness offering to help companies build better, more engaging workplaces.

With Planswell, employees can create free financial plans online and receive personalized advice from financial planning professionals to help them grow their wealth, reduce debt, and maintain the best standard of living throughout their life.

“As part of our strategy to help our clients strengthen employee engagement through wellness, we are thrilled to partner with an innovative financial planning platform that helps employees better achieve their financial and life goals,” said Rise People’s Chief Revenue Officer, Julie Bevacqua.

“Financial wellness plays a significant, yet often overlooked, role in overall employee health and wellness, impacting an organization’s performance, productivity, and retention. This partnership helps our clients create healthy and engaging workplaces that attract top talent,” Bevacqua added.