Clio is raising “the bar” in more ways than one.

Following a whopping US$250 million Series D funding round, the Burnaby-based company is rapidly modernizing law firms with technology—and hiring locals to help achieve this tremendous task.

“To become global leaders, BC’s tech companies must scale,” wrote Jill Tipping, president and CEO of the BC Tech Association. “Clio is validating British Columbia as a place where tech unicorns can grow and thrive.”

Clio’s momentum was recognized, winning BC Tech’s 2019 Company of the Year Technology Impact Award.

“Clio has purposefully built itself into a prime example of what we at BC Tech call an anchor company,” explained Tipping. “These firms have 200-plus employees, generate more than $50 million in revenue, and are BC-led.”

According to Tipping, hiring the right people in the right numbers “is the principal hurdle preventing BC companies from scaling their businesses,” which is reflected in the economic data.

Clio has increased its talent supply: It partnered with BC Tech to build a larger talent pipeline by speaking to high-school students about careers in technology, finding new workers at the Tech Talent Vancouver Job fair, and sharing knowledge about leadership with young women getting started in the tech sector.


“By using tech to help the legal profession, Clio is a perfect example of tech’s capacity to transform and empower every company in every sector of our economy and lock in lasting prosperity as BC scales up its emerging economy,” affirmed Tipping.