Rival Technologies has been named “Outstanding Disruptive Startup” at the 2019 Next Gen Market Research Disruptive Innovation Awards for its work in transforming traditional market research with its end-to-end insight platform Chat Lab.

The award, presented at the 2019 IA Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) in Orlando, honors a startup that is disrupting traditional market research methods through a technology, platform or a service-based solution.

Rival’s Chat Lab integrates chat, voice, and video solutions into SMS, social media and messaging apps. The platform helps companies reach consumers in more engaging and authentic ways to understand their attitudes, opinions and preferences.

“It’s a frustrating world out there for marketers and market researchers. Brands are dying to have meaningful interactions with their best customers who probably have a desire to share their opinions but can’t be accessed,” said CEO and founder of Rival Technologies Andrew Reid.

“It’s a perfect storm in market research and we’re just starting to break through it by speaking to people where they’re hanging out—on their phones, on social media. As a result, the insights we’re getting are much more raw and powerful.”

As an example of the application of this platform, Canucks Sports & Entertainment leveraged Chat Lab to engage with fans in real-time during hockey games. Insights, collected within minutes of deploying the surveys, helped the Canucks improve fan experience and enhance brand partnerships.