Vancouver-based commercial real estate marketplace Spacelist has launched an integration with WiredScore.

WiredScore is the company behind the only internationally trusted rating platform for a building’s internet connectivity and digital infrastructure – Wired Certification.

With this partnership, Spacelist now includes each building’s Wired Certification level on its database of listings adding valuable insight into available properties.

WiredScore champions cutting-edge technology in commercial real estate as the only certification for rating the infrastructure, connectivity and technological capacity of commercial buildings.

Buildings seeking Wired Certification are graded against an industry-vetted set of standards that assesses critical components of digital connectivity and in-building technology. Depending on the level of investment in connectivity, buildings can achieve escalating levels of certification, from certified to platinum.

“This integration provides easy access to valuable building connectivity insights for prospective tenants and real estate professionals using Spacelist,” says Steven Jaffe, CEO of Spacelist. “WiredScore Certification details are automatically added to applicable listings, including a link to the certification report for that specific building.”

“Spacelist’s inclusion of Wired Certification rankings on its database of listings further validates the value tenants place on internet connectivity and its effect on business’ productivity, efficiency and growth potential when searching for office space,” said Andrew Freitas, Head of WiredScore in Canada. “Through this integration, we continue to increase the amount of transparency about in-building technology.”

Over 2,000 buildings and more than 500 million square feet of office space are committed to Wired Certification. Canadian building owners have already registered 44.3 million square feet of office space to Wired Certification across Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Halifax.