Vancouver’s Version One Ventures has invested in and worked with close to 100 startups over the past ten years. Their portfolio includes Vancouver’s Clio, Dapper, Indochino, and Unbounce.

Founding Partner Boris Wertz and General Partner Angela Tran have seen teams, ideas, and practices that work spectacularly well. And, they’ve seen others that didn’t work out as expected.

Now they’re sharing their experience and insights in a short handbook on the best practices for startups.

The Startup Handbook is focused on a particular stage of the startup lifecycle—post-Seed to pre-Series B. “Since we primarily invest in seed stage companies with follow-ons to Series B, we are sharing some of the advice that we give our founding teams”, Tran blogged today.

This handbook is broken into three sections: building your team; building your organization; and building your investor base.

Sharing their knowledge with the masses is nothing new for Version One. The Startup Handbook is their third ebook and follows publications named The Guide to Marketplaces and Understanding Social Platforms.

You can download the handbook online. And keep in mind that it is meant to be a living document and will be regularly updated by the Version One team – so be sure to follow their blog for updates.