Vancouver’s Carl Data Solutions has signed an agreement with Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster valued at $2.3 million.

As part of the $4.65 million Fresh Water Data Commons Project, Carl Data’s subsidiary Astra Smart Systems and i4C Innovation will expand on existing IP by building a hardware and software platform for collecting, storing, analyzing, and sharing data.

As the demand for fresh water continues to rise, there will be an ongoing global need for water monitoring to balance the needs of industry and citizens, while also generating data for environmental studies to examine the genetic health and biodiversity of the environment and the impacts of climate change.

The platform and the technology developed for the Fresh Water Data Commons will offer a technological tool to help every part of Canada, and the world, use data to protect water, people, ecosystems and the economy.

“The Fresh Water Data Commons and subsequent new business through the commercialization of the products developed, demonstrates the scope, scale and ability of our core products. Our platform was designed to have virtually infinite scalability in support of advanced solutions for environmental data collection, storage and real time analytics,” said Greg Johnston, President and CEO, Carl Data Solutions.

“The focus of this project is ultimately global in nature. Our existing relationships and emerging partnerships provide us with the means to quickly begin distributing these products both domestically, throughout North America and internationally.”

The Fresh Water Data Commons Project consolidates data sources from monitoring stations, water management control systems, third party historical data sets and projection models into a cloud based system which can then be accessed through a SaaS application or API.

The platform provides the ability to analyze real-time data collected through a network of low-power sensors and gateways that can be expanded to cover most geographic areas.