Victoria’s Shift today announced the close of a $1 million seed round and the appointment of former General Manager, Nadia Tatlow, to the role of CEO.

The financing round was led by Panache Ventures and includes $500,000 in debt financing from Shift’s parent company Redbrick.

Shift is a productivity platform that enables a beautiful and streamlined workflow with over 30,000 paying customers.

Since its inception, Shift has made significant strides forward, recording 10x growth in 2018 and an additional 4x growth to date in 2019.

Bolstered by capital infusion and the appointment of Tatlow as CEO, today’s announcements indicate the company’s business viability, next phase of growth, and its ongoing commitment to addressing some of the most common pain points felt by today’s technology users.

“Having worked on Shift from its inception in 2016 – when it was simply an idea, all the way through our public launch and growth phase – it’s very gratifying to continue to lead the team and observe, firsthand, Shift’s inevitable transformation and evolution. We are solving an acute workflow pain point, and seeing the impact we are having on our customers’ daily workflow management is extremely rewarding,” said  Tatlow.

“The last 18 months have been an especially exciting period for Shift. With the close of our successful seed round, I am looking forward to capitalizing on our incredible momentum, refining our product, and building towards a Series A raise next year.”

Redbrick’s portfolio also includes Rebase and Assembly.