Frost & Sullivan has recognized Vancouver’s ACUVA Technologies with the 2019 Global New Product Innovation Award for its IntenseBeam™ optical lensing technology.

Acuva’s IntenseBeam technology is featured in its Strike UV-LED Module Platform for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), as well as Acuva’s consumer UV-LED water purification systems – the Arrow and Eco series of products.

With an intellectual property portfolio of 16 granted and pending patents, Acuva’s innovative reactor design combines the proven disinfection performance of UV germicidal irradiation with the effectiveness of UV-LEDs.

“Acuva’s patented design allows for precise control of optics, hydrodynamics, and kinetics within the UV chamber to deliver an intense beam of UV directly into flowing water. It has since developed a suite of products that integrate its IntenseBeam™ technology to provide reliable UV-LED water disinfection solutions,” said Fredrick Royan, Vice President at Frost & Sullivan.

“Acuva manufacturers its proprietary water purification systems with high-quality stainless steel, offering superior durability while eliminating product degradation and maintenance. Product performance is not affected by scaling as IntenseBeam™ technology does not rely on reflective surface properties.”

In 2019, Acuva entered partnerships with major OEMs of water, ice and beverage appliances to integrate Strike UV-LED water disinfection modules in the Philippines, China, India and Europe, multiplying the positive effect that Acuva’s technology can bring to the world through long lasting, chemical-free water disinfection.

With each installation of Strike reducing the need 1.2 million single-use water bottles over its lifetime, these partnerships mean a significant win against the war on plastic waste.