Vancouver’s Lendesk has launched the Lendesk Spotlight mobile application, a first of its kind, purpose-built tool for Canada’s mortgage industry professionals.

This launch comes on the heels of Lendesk’s acquisition of LenderSpotlight late last year and the now complete integration of LenderSpotlight into Lendesk’s existing platform.

Leveraging Lendesk’s core desktop functionalities, including Spotlight Search (Product Pricing Engine) and many Spotlight Submit (Point of Sale) features, the mobile app will, for the first time, grant Canadian mortgage brokers on-the-go access to the rate and policy information they need to make informed and accurate decisions.

Aggregating over 3,500 policies and qualifying guidelines, the Lendesk Spotlight mobile app is designed to help brokers find the best lender and product for their clients efficiently and in real-time.

Lendesk was founded in 2014 by former mortgage broker and private lender, Alex Conconi of Conconi Growth Partners. Rock Holdings, the parent company of US-based Quicken Loans, has acquired a majority stake in Lendesk last year.

“Mortgage brokers today are an incredibly mobile force, and yet, continue to need to be within arm’s reach of a computer to do their jobs. Put simply, this is fundamentally not how they operate anymore and impacts their ability to deliver an exceptional experience to their clients, Canadian homebuyers,” says Alex Conconi, Founder and CEO of Lendesk.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to bring the Lendesk Spotlight mobile app to market for the country’s brokers, empowering them with the information they need to not only answer questions about rates and the type of mortgage their clients can qualify for, anytime, anywhere but deliver a better, more efficient service to homebuyers.”

The Lendesk Spotlight mobile app is available in the App Store on iOS mobile devices, and an Android version will be available before the end of Q1.