Vancouver’s Fusion Genomics has been awarded a one-year, $1 million grant to evaluate novel genomic diagnostics platform in collaboration with Sunnybrook Research Institute.

The one-year project will evaluate the ability of ONETest, a highly sensitive, cost-effective next-generating sequencing (NGS)-based assay for infectious disease diagnosis, to identify pathogens responsible for respiratory tract infections (RTI) in a hospital setting.

These infections are a leading cause of morbidity, mortality and hospitalizations globally, due in part to limitations associated with current diagnostic tests.

The funding was awarded by the Quebec Consortium for Drug Discovery’s Quantum Leap program. Merck is supporting the study as a member of CQDM and Fusion Genomics will collaborate with Sunnybrook Research Institute to conduct the study.

“We are honored that CQDM has selected the ONETest RTI study as part of its prestigious portfolio of funded programs,” said Mohammad Qadir, president and chief scientific officer of Fusion Genomics.

“This study offers Fusion Genomics and our exceptional collaborators the opportunity to begin transforming the diagnosis of RTIs, and thereby reduce the tremendous burden of these infections on both patients and the hospitals that treat them.”