The 21st annual CanSecWest conference returns to Vancouver next month along with the Zero Day Initiative and their popular Pwn2Own contest.

It was in Vancouver where the contest began back in 2007 and continues to be where they push the research community with new challenges.

Last year they raised more than a few eyebrows by partnering with over-the-air pioneer Tesla to include a Model 3 as a hacking target and they ended up awarding the car to two talented researchers.

This year, Tesla returns to the contest. Driving off with a brand-new Model 3 will be a harder challenge this year, which means the potential rewards will be much higher as well.

Microsoft also returns as partner and VMware returns as a sponsor with their somewhat more traditional Pwn2Own targets.

While Pwn2Own’s automotive category gets a lot of attention thanks to Tesla, there are five other categories – Web Browser, Virtualization, Enterprise Applications, Server-Side, and Local Escalation of Privilege.

All told, more than USD $1,000,000 in cash and prizes are available to contestants, including the new Tesla car.