This January is Mentorship Month.

Canadian coding bootcamp Lighthouse Labs is celebrating the role of mentorship in Vancouver’s tech industry through free events and resources, equipping Vancouverites with the tools they need to pursue more intentional mentorships.

Why celebrate mentorship?

In a rapidly changing workforce, lifelong learning is the key to continued career advancement. Mentorship is at the core of this: building connections between growth-minded professionals so they can share knowledge, impart skills, and build a roadmap to future career success.

How can you get involved?

Want to get involved in Mentorship Month? Check out Lighthouse Labs for custom-built resources designed to help you build your mentorship skills and establish a mentorship culture within your workspace. Better yet, stop by either of the free events below!

So You Think You Can Mentor?

– Tuesday, January 21st @ Devhub Vancouver | Register here

Join Lighthouse Labs for an evening of celebrating mentorship, and learn more about best practices around mentorship vs coaching, career development, and the role of mentorship in the broader tech community.

Lunch&&Learn : How to be an effective mentor

– Thursday, January 23rd @ Devhub Vancouver | Register here

Join Lighthouse Labs x Devhub Vancouver for this installment of their weekly Lunch&&Learn series: “How to be an Effective Mentor”. Learn what mentorship means, how mentors can impact or change careers, and how to seek out mentors in your network.