Former Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson has joined Nexii Building Solutions as its executive vice-president of strategy and partnerships.

Nexii is an innovative and sustainable whole building solution that enables the rapid assembly of high‑quality buildings.

The opportunity seems to be a great fit for Robertson considering he launched Vancouver’s ongoing Greenest City strategy shortly after taking office.

According to a statement from Nexii, Robertson will assist in their expansion plans to other countries and tackle the global housing shortage.

Nexii CEO Stephen Sidwell says Robertson is an influential advocate for climate action and brings “a unique understanding of how cities, developers, and construction companies can work together to provide more sustainable buildings.”

Robertson, 55, co-founded Vancouver-based organic fruit and juice company Happy Planet before entering B.C. politics in 2005. As mayor, Robertson led the Vision Vancouver political party to successive victories over a decade before announcing in early 2018 that he would not seek re-election.

“I’m proud to be part of a Canadian company with significant potential to make a huge positive impact on the environment and communities globally,” Robertson said in the statement.