Zero Latency VR, the global leading provider of free-roaming virtual reality gaming, has selected Vancouver as the home of its first Western Canadian entertainment venue and third Canadian city, with a state-of-the-art facility at Kingsgate Mall on East Broadway.

Zero Latency VR, which has 40 locations in 20 countries on four continents, sees Vancouver as a key market in North America, and will unveil its free roam, multiplayer virtual reality (VR) entertainment experience on February 15th, 2020.

The countdown to Zero Latency VR Vancouver is on and for those who want to be the first to experience Zero Latency Virtual Reality gaming in Vancouver, ticket reservations are available online.

The Vancouver location will be Zero Latency VR’s third Canadian location – the company currently has venues in Montreal and Toronto.

“We think Vancouver is a natural fit for this advanced VR gaming technology and experience,” says Winston Cabell, Experience Master at Zero Latency VR Vancouver. “Knowing what a hotbed Vancouver is for tech and video games, we’re excited to bring Zero Latency VR to the market.”

LISTEN: “It’s going to blow people’s minds.” Cabell on The Sport Market on TSN 1040

From its roots in Australia, Zero Latency VR has established a presence in major North American cities like Dallas, Houston and Las Vegas, as well as international hubs like Munich, Tokyo and London.

Whereas some VR experiences involve a lag between human action and computer response, Zero Latency – as the name suggests – removes that barrier. This allows for a seamless and realistic experience for up to eight players at a time who work collaboratively to battle zombies, robots and other enemies.

This immersive and interactive experience gets gamers and people of all interests off the couch and into a 1,500 square-foot facility where they are free to roam around to combat virtual foes. There are no wires or cords holding the players back.

Cabell and Vancouver business partner Karen Krywulak say they chose Zero Latency because of its best-in-class zero latency gaming environments.

“The Zero Latency offering – from the advanced software platform and equipment to the overall design of the gaming experience and the fabulous game titles – is simply second to none,” said Cabell.

“We love the marriage of epic video gaming experiences and the physical activity that’s inherent in Zero Latency, and we think gamers at every level and ability – and even non-gamers — will feel the same way. We can’t wait to get started and provide the exhilaration of the best free-roaming VR experience available to what we believe will be a fast-growing fan base in Vancouver.”