When you’ve been a roll like OmniSci, you celebrate by creating your own annual conference.

The rapidly growing analytics company had a bustling 2019: Expanding into new regions, upgrading their headquarters in San Francisco, and reaching a milestone of 5,000 enterprise, community and cloud users. OmniSci recapped its progress—and pointed toward its future—at Converge, an inaugural global user conference held in Mountain View in October.

The event—which saw experts from organizations like BMW, Nvidia, and TELUS present—reflected’s OmniSci’s ultimate mission: to redefine speed and scale in big data querying and visualization.

“From our beginning, OmniSci has been focused on providing our users the fastest and most frictionless path to insight on the largest datasets,” remarked Todd Mostak, who founded OmniSci in 2013 alongside Thomas Graham, at Converge.

Last year, OmniSci released version 5.0 of its product, which provides new data fusion and integrated data science capabilities, along with performance improvements in the core platform. These updates enable users to fuse data and switch between visual exploration and data science workflows to extract insights more quickly than before.

OmniSci insists it isn’t just in the analytics game, but the “accelerated analytics” game, highlighting the company’s laser focus on speed. Data that used to take half an hour to crunch might now complete in seconds, and that’s huge for certain customers—including some big ones, like telecommunications giants and federal agencies.

This massive potential for growth has the company eagerly hunting quality employees.

To maintain momentum, OmniSci is participating in the upcoming Tech Talent Vancouver Job Fair, a unique recruiting event that connects hot companies with local talent in the city. The company is currently offering roles in sales, software engineering, machine learning, and more as it continues to pioneer the analytics space.

The Tech Talent Vancouver Job Fair takes place on February 20th at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Tickets start at $20 and includes a free drink and delicious appetizer.