Clearly is well-established as a direct-to-consumer brand in the optical space. But the Vancouver-born company is clearly more than just a retailer, as their latest technological development shows.

Ordering glasses online, even from an award-winning site like Clearly’s, presents certain risks. That’s because for some reason, even when glasses look cool, it rarely translates to them looking cool on you.

“Whether it’s a pair of jeans or a giant TV, there has always been a challenge for retailers to overcome consumers’ reservations about purchasing something that they haven’t been able to see or try beforehand,” explains Arnaud Bussières, CEO of Clearly.

Such is the manner of fashion and style, and it’s a sizeable downside to e-commerce. Enter Clearly’s solution, which utilizes augmented reality to offer a more realistic visual of how a pair of glasses might look on your exact face.

The Canadian company’s AR tool, dubbed Virtual Try On, uses your phone’s camera to capture your face and showcase glasses. This isn’t just some Snapchat filter—customers “can see a precise, realistic and live rendering of what Clearly’s frames will actually look like when they slip them on in person,” according to a statement from Clearly.

“We’re excited to be the first brand to use AR solutions that close this gap, making it easier for our customers to access affordable, quality eyewear that they genuinely feel great in,” added Bussières.

Clearly’s continual push forward in its industry demands a steady inflow of top-tier employees. That’s why the company is setting up a booth at the upcoming Tech Talent Vancouver Job Fair, a unique recruiting event that connects Vancouver’s hottest companies with local talent in the city. The company is currently offering roles in performance marketing, data analysis, full stack development, and more.

The Tech Talent Vancouver Job Fair takes place on February 20 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Tickets start at $20 and includes a free drink and delectable appetizers.