With the recent stock-price surge, Tesla has become one of the most valuable and talked about companies in the United States.

With a market capitalization topping $140 billion, Tesla has now become larger than U.S. Big 3 automakers General Motors ($50 billion), Ford ($36 billion), and Fiat Chrysler ($26 billion) combined.

Tesla has busted open the mainstream electric vehicle market. But they’re not the only manufacturer dedicated to electric-only vehicles.

Don’t forget about Rivian.

Rivian is an electric vehicle manufacturer on a mission to keep the world adventurous forever. For nearly a decade, Rivian has operated in stealth mode. After raising $1.3 billion in December, they’re pulling back the curtain.

Rivian is building a new kind of car company and they’re hiring in Vancouver.

Rivian’s Vancouver team is chartered to develop mobile, software applications and SDKs for Rivian products and composed of developers of all backgrounds with experience in IOS, Android, SDKs, IoT, Bluetooth, and Security.

Rivian Vancouver is currently hiring an Android Infotainment Application Developer, Android Mobile App Developer, iOS Mobile App Developer, QA Engineer, Scrum Master – Mobile App Development, and User Experience Designer.