New decades prompt reflection, and I’ve been doing plenty of that this last month.

When we get caught up in the daily grind of deliverables, meetings and family commitments, it can be difficult to keep an eye on the big picture of what you’re trying to achieve day by day and year by year. Stepping back, I realize I’ve made some of my most critical life decisions while busy making other plans, as John Lennon might have said. Thankfully, I had some incredible mentorship and support to guide me.

Throughout our #WhatWorks series in 2019, many things became very clear to me about the hurdles facing women in tech, and business more generally. The most striking of these was that so many women are navigating the same hurdles I faced, but they are doing it alone. Given the role that mentorship and advice have played in my career, I knew we needed to think outside the box to support these courageous women.

When I made the decision to move to London, and later California, I had already bounced the idea off my trusted colleagues and closest friends in the business community. When my partner and I made the decision to undergo IVF, I talked to other mothers who juggled work and family obligations. When I decided to embark on a new adventure at BC Tech more than two years ago, I confided in women who had left the private sector before me.

Following a team brainstorm, our next instalment of #WhatWorks aims to do just that with a new format. AMA – or Ask Me Anything – first gained popularity on Reddit and Twitter as a way for celebrities and well-known leaders to connect with their communities. Throughout the #WhatWorks series in 2019, we noticed that many of the women attending our events had questions — LOTS of questions — but they didn’t necessarily feel comfortable asking them.

Our team got together and thought, “What if we gathered some of B.C.’s trailblazing women in one room and asked them anything? That’s when our new event format was born.

On Wednesday, February 12th, Business In Vancouver’s Hayley Woodin will moderate a panel including Kirsten Sutton (SAP Labs Canada), Tamara Taggart, and myself. We are looking forward to being asked about anything and everything that challenges you, that keeps you up at night.

We gathered this quartet together for a few reasons. Given our diverse experience and accomplishments, we’re confident we will provide our audience with a wealth of knowledge.

Two, we know Hayley, Kirsten, Tamara (and definitely myself!) to be candid and authentic.

Third, the most impactful way we can help women thrive in the tech sector is to facilitate the types of honest and informative conversations these women will create.

The questions will be unfiltered, real, and collected from women throughout the #WhatWorks series. A few examples:

– How do I maintain career momentum AND have kids?
– How do I address sexual harassment in the workplace?
How do I deal with the ‘old boys’ club’?
– What are some tips for managing my mental health?
– How do I maintain relationships with colleagues when my seniority changes within an organization?

Our panelists will answer these questions – and many more – on February 12th. Please join us by registering here, and join us in propelling change through our #WhatWorks series.