TELUS has earned the title of Best Gaming ISP in Canada.

The Vancouver-headquartered telecom outflanked the competition in the 2020 PCMag Gaming Quality Index to take home the honors.

The magazine scored TELUS the lowest on combined latency – the amount of time it takes for data to travel to a server and back, and jitter – which measures the stability of latency.

For gamers, this is a huge win, as mere milliseconds decide the difference between victory and defeat.

“Lifelike graphics, high-quality sound, and lightning-fast multiplayer gameplay have revolutionized modern gaming, and gamers need advanced connectivity that can keep pace. We’re proud that TELUS has been recognized by PCMag for reliably delivering these next-level, interactive experiences to gamers throughout Western Canada,” said Andy Balser, Vice President of Home Solutions Marketing at TELUS.

“TELUS is the only internet provider in Western Canada with symmetrical upload and download speeds, so gamers enjoy a lightning-fast, responsive experience whether they are in the heat of a multiplayer battle or streaming to their fans.”