Vancouver’s Fatigue Science has closed a Series A financing round.

The financing amount was undisclosed but made up of a syndicate of new and existing investors including Vancouver’s Rhino Ventures, the company’s first venture capital investor.

Fatigue Science is a leader in providing predictive human performance data around sleep in elite sports, military and heavy industry.

The financing round will enable Fatigue Science to continue to accelerate its growth and leverage its broad customer base that already includes a number of Fortune 500 companies, championship elite sports teams and military special forces groups.

Fatigue’s Readi solution is built on SAFTE™, the world’s leading biomathematical sleep and fatigue prediction and forecasting model, and is designed specifically for elite athletes, military operators and industrial workforces.

Readi predicts the cumulative impact of sleep on waking hours. Elite athletes and military operators use predictions from Readi to ensure they’re performing at optimal levels when it matters most.

Industrial workers can use Readi to plan future activities enabling them to optimize performance, as well as to become aware of periods of critical fatigue risk in their workday ahead and to receive alerts before they face these risks.

Industrial Enterprise customers use cumulative organizational sleep data to significantly minimize corporate risk and optimize output. The company’s hardware-agnostic architecture is playing a key role in enabling broader adoption and success.

“We have followed the Company for quite some time, and we are thrilled to join the team and enable its success,” commented Jay Rhind, Partner Rhino Ventures. “We believe that the mega-trends in sleep and IoT combined with Fatigue Science’s unique predictive IP and products, customer traction, and seasoned management team are a winning combination.”

Fatigue Science is in good hands with Rhino Ventures. Rhino was co-founded by local wearable tech guru Dan Eisenhardt.

Eisenhardt sold heads-up display tech Recon Instruments to Intel in 2015 and splits his time between Rhino Ventures and his new smart swim goggle startup, Form.