Henrique Dubugras, 24, and Pedro Franceschi, 23, founded a startup in 2018 after dropping out of Stanford University. Today, Brex is valued at more than $2 billion.

The Silicon Valley superstar’s primary offering is what it describes as “the smartest corporate card in the room”—a credit card built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, in essence. The company also offers Brex Cash, which acts as a corporate cash management account that in theory replaces one’s business bank account.

Brex’s meteoric rise has been fuelled by over $300 million in funding from the likes of Y Combinator Continuity, Kleiner Perkins, and others. More than 10,000 customers, including  giants like Airbnb, now use Brex’s products.

“By rebuilding the credit card tech stack from the ground up, Brex is able to reimagine every aspect of corporate cards, including underwriting, transparency, and approvals, to create a radically better experience for customers,” the startup states.

Brex used some of its funding recently to hire Paul-Henri Ferrand as its Chief Operating Officer. Ferrand hails from Google, where he was President of the company’s Global Customer Operations for Google Cloud. Ferrand perviously held senior roles at Dell, Nokia, and AT&T.

“[Ferrand] brings the unique combination of experience with rapid scaling and growth while maintaining a customer-centric ethos,” noted Dubugras, co-CEO. “Ferrand and the rest of the leaders at Brex share the same belief in the promise of a future that offers seamless product experiences at the point of integration between financial products and services to our expanding customer base.”

Ferrand is not the only fresh hire Brex wants, however. The startup is growing so fast that it already has an office in Canada.

Brex aims to pick some up at the upcoming Tech Talent Vancouver Job Fair, a unique recruiting event that connects Vancouver’s hottest companies with local talent in the city.

The Tech Talent Vancouver Job Fair takes place on February 20 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Tickets start at $20 and includes a free drink and delectable appetizers.