A local tech entrepreneur has launched an online tool to connect willing volunteers with vulnerable members of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CovidHelper was created by Sam Chandola, founder of V2 Games and Audacia Ventures.

The purpose of the online tool is straightforward – to connect those with a high-risk of contracting COVID-19, such as seniors or those with pre-existing conditions, to volunteers who are willing to deliver supplies, such as groceries and medicine.

The service enables individuals to continue self-isolating and not risk being out in public in order to restock their essential supplies.

“I believe that human beings are largely good and want to help each other, especially in times of crisis,” Chandola told Vancouver is Awesome. “For every person who is profiteering from hoarding hand sanitizers, there are 10 out there who are willing to help.”

CovidHelper only asks for an email address and postal code. When a match is detected, CovidHelper sends potential helpers only the email and postal code of the requester and then invite them to connect. At this point, communication moves over to the two people involved directly. The platform merely helps make a connection.

CovidHelper is a non-commercial initiative to help bring out the best of humanity in the fight against COVID-19.