Vancouver innovators and innovation enablers will want to check out INNOVATE Vancouver.

A 300+ page premium coffee-table book with A/R embedded pages, INNOVATE Vancouver will feature thought leader pieces by community leaders and industry-based chapters that highlight the organizations, companies, and people who create the network of innovators.

“Vancouver is a young, picturesque city with a reputation for being progressive and future-centric, but above all, for being inviting-not only to commerce but also to a new generation of business owners determined to positively impact both the economy and the environment,” says Ruby K. Sandhu, publishing partner for INNOVATE® Vancouver.

“Social impact, circular economy, and renewable energy solutions are included in numerous company mandates, and it makes me extremely proud to showcase within INNOVATE® Vancouver all the things we are doing right-now and for future generations.”

What makes Vancouver equally attractive to businesses is its strong governmental support in the form of small-business grants, enticing corporate tax benefits, and organizations like Innovate BC, which will be featured in INNOVATE Vancouver. The inaugural volume of INNOVATE Vancouver will also include companies like Tradable Bits, East Side Games, and Starling Minds.

Nominate a deserving company to be featured in INNOVATE Vancouver now.