With the spread of COVID-19 and subsequent travel bans, the travel industry has taken a significant hit world-wide.

With this in mind, Vancouver-based travel accessories company Monos has developed a new product to help consumers now and for future travel.

Monos has announced the launch of The CleanPod, a hand-held rechargeable sanitizer that uses ultraviolet UVC light to sanitize and disinfect products travellers use on a daily basis, including cell phones.

When the wand is waved over a surface, the device emits UVC rays which safely kill 99.9% of pathogens.

Best known for their sleek luggage, Monos pivoted strategy to pull back production of their upcoming travel accessory line and refocus attention on creating a solution to help the community and give back to a good cause.

“With the impact of COVID-19 growing so rapidly, we wanted to find a way our business could help our community during this difficult time,” says Victor Tam, Co-Founder of Monos.

“We wanted to create a product that is beneficial to the everyday person, while also contributing to a good cause. We feel so passionately about the CleanPod because it is a product that offers a sustainable, long-term way to stay safe and sanitize, but also because we’re able to give back to our community during this time when travel is uncertain.”

With hand sanitizers, gloves and masks in short supply, there is mounting global fear surrounding the continued spread of infection. This has created a growing need for products to sanitize and kill germs and bacteria that are longer lasting and more sustainable. As a rechargeable device, the CleanPod can be used to sanitize more surfaces than liquid cleaning products.

The CleanPod is available for pre-order now for $129, with a portion of the proceeds going to United Way Centraide Canada’s COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund.