With the world on lockdown, Vancouver-based startup Procurify recently conducted a survey of 600 people who are currently working from home to assess how COVID-19 is impacting their life.

The results of the Work From Home Survey paint a mixed picture – with employees enjoying newfound flexibility and contending with newfound stresses.

The most obvious impact for most people is a change of venue. Although working from home every day is a seismic shift for the majority, 32% of respondents reported that they had not ever had the opportunity to work from home prior to COVID-19.

Now that recent events have forced the issue, it stands to reason that a much higher percentage of the workforce will remain at home even after the pandemic has passed. Of course, the transition has not been seamless. 46% of respondents report that they are having a hard time focusing.

The survey found that 76% of people enjoy working from home, but employers could be doing more to help create a productive environment for their teams.

69% of companies have offered no additional perks to ease the transition of working from home, and 47% have not offered to cover the cost of supplies their team members need.

At a time when money is top of mind for the global workforce, 41% believe they won’t be reimbursed for expenses promptly while working from home.

In response to the survey, Procurify’s CEO Aman Mann is granting home office wishes by giving away everything from standing desks to coffee makers – and a grand prize $2,500 home office upgrade.

And for each person who enters Procurify’s Boost Your Workspace contest, Procurify will be contributing $10 to Conquer COVID-19, a charity that brings protective equipment to frontline workers.

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