Last year Vancouver’s Traction Guest raised a $17 million financing round led by Bessemer Venture Partners for their cloud-based visitor management solution that used iPads to track activity.

Fast forward to this year and the COVID-19 pandemic is making contactless the standard.

Today Traction Guest announced that they’re going fully contactless with ZeroTouch, a new dynamic registration portal and touchless sign-in/sign-out technology that allows for the vetting of employees and visitors before access to any facility.

ZeroTouch enables enterprises to safely manage the return of employees and visitors to the workplace and better protect open locations amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

As Traction Guest CEO Keith Metcalfe observes, “Organizations must prepare for the unexpected by perceiving visitors and employees as one universal risk management challenge. Employee and visitor safety is a first priority and must be managed proactively according to the regulations for different regions and a facility’s levels of risk tolerance at a given time.”

With ZeroTouch, once pre-registration is complete, guests are provided a secure one-time QR code to complete an automated touchless sign-in and entry process that allows them to register as being on-site – without requiring any physical or employee interaction upon entry.