Vancouver’s FORM Swim is updating their augmented-reality display equipped swim goggles to include open water features this summer.

Soon swimmers will be able to view real-time GPS performance metrics and heart rate in real-time while swimming outdoors in open water. These features are in addition to the standard performance metrics offered through the FORM goggles in the pool, which are available now, when used with compatible Garmin smartwatches and Apple watches.

“Open water capabilities is something that we’ve seen enormous demand ever since we launched the FORM goggles last year,” said FORM founder and CEO Dan Eisenhardt.

“Giving swimmers the ability to access performance metrics in both the pool and open water really completes the experience that we’re providing with the goggles. And as we look forward to the loosening of restrictions surrounding COVID-19, the timing for open water capabilities seemed right. For many of us, swimming outdoors is a highlight of the summer. We hope this will enable our customers to make the very most out of their swim, and their time in nature.”

The availability of open water capabilities will come nearly one year after the launch of the FORM goggles in August of 2019.

Open water features can be accessed following a firmware update by connecting the FORM goggles to either Garmin smartwatches or Apple watches, to see GPS metrics and heart rate in real-time.