Nanotech Security is expanding into the brand protection market with its LumaChrome™ colour-shifting film.

The Vancouver-based company is well known for its banknote security and anti-counterfeiting solutions that include movement, 3D depth, and multiple colours that are nearly impossible to reproduce.

An increasing number of brands are looking for solutions that allow the consumer to quickly validate their products and distinguish genuine goods from counterfeits.

Nanotech has designed several unique colour combinations with multiple application formats exclusively for the brand protection marketplace.

LumaChrome colour-shifting film can be customized with brand names, logos or taglines and is available in multiple widths and formats or can be converted into pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) labels, patches, or stripes for direct application. LumaChrome offers quick, intuitive authentication through a crisp colour transition when the viewing angle is changed.

Nanotech’s LumaChrome colour-shifting film is an established technology that has been used for decades with over 30 banknote denominations and multiple secure ID applications in over ten countries.

“We have successfully enhanced our proven technology by developing a new colour palette exclusive to the brand protection market,” said Troy Bullock, President and CEO of Nanotech. “By combining overprinted text and multiple application formats we are able to offer a compelling new product for the brand protection market.”

LumaChrome colour-shifting film is produced at Nanotech’s secure production facility in Quebec.