Los Angeles’ Ventura County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue Team announced this morning that a body had been found after the six day search for Glee Actress Naya Rivera.

This afternoon officials confirmed that the recovered body was Rivera.

Rivera went missing on July 8th after renting a pontoon boat with her 4 year-old son Josey on Lake Piru. Her son was found alone, asleep on the boat in a life jacket later that day.

According to police they were able to locate the her body based on the background imagery in FaceTime videos she shared with friends and family during the outing.

While Rivera likely drowned shortly after entering the lake water, a Vancouver startup has technology that can aid search efforts – whether it be a rescue attempt or a recovery mission.

VodaSafe’s AquaEye is an advanced underwater scanner that uses the latest in ultrasound and artificial intelligence technologies to identify human bodies underwater.

AquaEye handheld scanner enables rescuers to quickly access a scene and identify potential victims within seconds of entering the water. AquaEye acts fast, requires only one rescuer, and covers more ground in less time.

“AquaEye could have proven useful on Lake Piru, as it is the only hand held sonar device specifically designed to find human bodies in water,” VodaSafe founder and CEO Carlyn Loncaric told Techcouver.

Loncaric is an engineer with over ten years of lifeguarding experience. Witnessing first-hand the trials and tribulations of water rescue led her to envision a hand-held sonar equipment tool that would help save lives.

VodaSafe and its AquaEye were born.