Vancouver’s Ayogo Health announced today that it has inked an exclusive partnership with global renal care leader Baxter International to advance digital health solutions that educate and empower patients with kidney failure.

Ayogo will combine LifePlan—its unique behavior-based digital platform—with Baxter’s expertise in renal care to build mobile apps and digital solutions that bring personalized, relevant and timely support to patients with kidney failure.

Last year Baxter and Ayogo partnered to build CKD&Me, a unique app for smartphones and tablets that tailors its educational content to chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients’ individual learning needs and piloted it in several nephrology practices across the United States.

Following that Baxter was an investor in Ayogo’s $7.5 million Series B financing round in April 2020 along with MEDTEQ, the pan-Canadian Consortium for Industrial Research and Innovation in Medical Technology.

All investors in Ayogo’s Series A round also participated in that Series B round, including Merck Global Health Innovation Fund, 7Wire Ventures, and Excel Venture Management.

“As a leader in renal care innovation and pioneer in digital health solutions for patients with kidney failure, our collaboration with Ayogo allows us to provide healthcare professionals and patients more confidence in their therapy options, including home dialysis,” said Laura Angelini, general manager, Baxter’s Renal Care business.

“This is particularly important in the midst of the pandemic, when it is critical to support patients with digital health tools that empower them to perform dialysis in the safety of their home, while staying connected with their healthcare team.”