Vancouver’s Hothead Games has launched a new publishing division to help third-party game developers turn their mobile games into hits.

Known for making the best mobile first person shooter games, Hothead Games is currently accepting submissions and offering financial assistance for games in various stages of development that will benefit from Hothead’s expertise in analytics, marketing, monetization, and gameplay mechanics.

“Because Hothead has built our own publishing infrastructure to support our internally developed games, we know first hand how complex it is to develop, publish and support a liveops mobile game,” said Gregan Dunn, Hothead Games’ Director of Publishing.

“We have every skill set required to make a game a success based on our experience with our own games. We are immensely excited to use our expertise to support up-and-coming developers and help them achieve the success they deserve.”

Hothead Games is an independent mobile games studio that creates concepts, develops the games and publishes them. Its titles including Big Win Sports and Kill Shot franchises and Hero Hunters have collectively achieved more than 300 million downloads across multiple categories on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Because it has published dozens of its own games, Hothead understands the challenges involved in the publishing process better than companies that offer third-party publishing exclusively.

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