“And a big shout-out to Michelle Eisenreich, Rupert Porter and my people at DNEG Vancouver.”

Those were the words of Paul Lambert, the VFX Supervisor on First Man as he accepted his team’s Oscar for Best Visual Effects on Sunday night.

Eisenreich is a Vancouver-based executive producer at Double Negative.

Digital effects supervisor Tristan Myles also acknowledged DNEG’s B.C. team during his acceptance speech.

“Thanks to the crew at DNEG without whose hard work we wouldn’t be [standing] up here tonight,” Myles added.

As the primary VFX vendor for First Man DNEG was tasked to create multiple rendered sequences in prep for use on a giant 60 foot wide by 35 foot tall curved 180 degree LED screen.

The LED wall was the best option to get the clarity and brightness and capture as much in-camera as possible. It allowed us to shoot certain space and in-flight elements with our CG content to fit seamlessly within the boundaries of a film being shot 16mm & 35mm.

While the astronauts were in the capsules, the X-15, Gemini or Apollo, they were mounted on 6 axis gimbals and shot in the foreground of the LED screen.

All of this technically challenging work was run from DNEG Vancouver, with support from talented artists at other DNEG offices around the globe.


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