Vancouver’s LightIntegra Technology has raised a $6.9 million Series A round led by Genome BC and Boardwalk Ventures and including Tower Beach Capital, Coleco Investments, and Quimby Investments. The company intends to use funding to bring its test to the US market.

LightIntegra has advanced ThromboLUX, a non-invasive, five-minute, easy-to-use optical test that assesses platelet activation status, which does not require dilution.

Failed platelet transfusions are a major issue in healthcare, critically impacting the care of blood cancer patients, and wasting $1.6 billion annually in the US. LightIntegra knows how painful failed transfusions are for physicians, the blood bank, and most importantly, the patients.

As a routine test for platelet concentrates, ThromboLUX identifies which platelet units may be best suited for prophylaxis and which units may be best suited for therapeutic use.

LightIntegra Technology launched from the Canadian Blood Services R&D labs through the efforts of research scientist Dr. Elisabeth Maurer and is currently led by CEO Bill Dubiel.

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