TransLink and the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) have announced an agreement allowing local and international organizations to showcase green and digital technologies and services on TransLink assets.

The new memorandum of understanding creates a landmark role for TransLink in the VEC’s Technology Deployment Network (TDN).

Founded by the Vancouver Economic Commission, TDN is a membership-based network comprised of major asset owners in Metro Vancouver – including building, infrastructure and fleet owners – that are dedicated to improving their operational efficiencies, sustainability and customer experience.

The agreement commits members to piloting new ideas for specific logistical or sustainability challenges while offering resources like facilities and other infrastructure as demonstration sites for new smart city solutions.

The economic development partnership will support existing priorities in Metro Vancouver, such as Transport 2050, a new 30-year strategy for regional transportation, which TransLink is developing.

The strategy will set out what the region needs to build, do, and provide to meet the region’s transportation needs between now and 2050. Collaborative initiatives like TDN will foster tech innovation for a strategic and connected future transportation system.

“Vancouver is Canada’s fastest-growing and most diverse low-carbon economy, and local companies continue to play a crucial role on the front lines of climate action,” says VEC CEO Catherine Warren.

“TransLink’s involvement in our Tech Deployment Network unleashes a chance for startups to work with a keystone institution on urgently needed climate solutions. Our strategic partnership comes at a critical time when the City of Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Response calls for transportation innovation and when we can spark home-grown tech for our region and the world.”

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