Commercial real estate firm CBRE has released their 2019 Tech Talent Analyzer and it bodes well for Vancouver.

The annual report includes a yearly ranking of the 50 best markets for tech talent based on factors such as labor costs and the percent of jobs in a city that are tech-related.

While hotspots such as San Francisco and Seattle continue to thrive, the report shows that opportunities in these markets are reaching an inflection point, prompting companies to uncover talent directly at universities.

This year Vancouver made the biggest jump in CBRE’s rankings, to #12 from #24, in part due to its strong universities.

The report also shows that smaller tech hubs including Vancouver are the biggest beneficiaries as larger tech enterprises expand their presence beyond their home bases.

The Georgia Straight’s Kate Wilson noted this trend recently when listing the growing number of Silicon Valley firms that have established offices in Vancouver over the past 12 months. Asana, PostMates, Lyft, Tile, and Zenefits to name a few.

Colin Yasukochi, CBRE’s director of research and analysis, believes Vancouver is a great candidate to break into the top ten thanks to the added benefit of proximity to established tech strongholds on the West Coast. This Cascadia Corridor connection is is also a reason Portland rose five spots to #16.

Check out the complete interactive report online.

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