Four years ago, Fraser Hall and Dan Eisenhardt started Vancouver Founder Fund (VFF) with one goal: to be the funders they wished they had had as founders.

The Vancouver Founder Fund name came from Hall and Eisenhardt wanting to pay homage to the city in which they built their previous company, Recon Instruments.

They set out to address the underserved market of quality, early-stage capital available to entrepreneurs in Western Canada but found the VFF moniker caused some confusion with it being similar to the well known Founders Fund.

This week they announced that they’re rebranding as Rhino Ventures.

Why Rhino? It was the project code name Intel used when acquiring Recon Instruments and has been part of their pitch to entrepreneurs as they believe a Rhino is a better representation of the entrepreneurial journey than a Unicorn.

Now investing out of their second fund, Rhino has approximately $50 million in assets under management across 13 portfolio companies. All of which are happy to hear of a rebrand to Rhino.

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