BC Trade & Investment’s Troy DeFrank is organizing a series of unique one-day floatplane excursions for business leaders in the Pacific Northwest US & Canada to build connections across the region.

Geeks on Floats will make it’s inaugural day trip from Seattle to Vancouver on Tuesday, September 10th.

A small group of applicants will be selected based on existing business interests and future goals in the destination city. Organizers will then work with local partners to curate a relevant set of private meetings and tours designed to produce meaningful connections and actionable insights.

For this inaugural flight, Geeks on Floats is working with Kenmore Air Harbor, Lawson Lundell, and community partners including Vancouver Economic Commission and Greater Seattle Partners.

Apply for their next flight and join a select group of investors, founders, executives, and government leaders on a curated program that showcases both Cascadia’s natural beauty and economic engines. Applications are open until August 26th.

Photo by shayd johnson on Unsplash

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