For the six year in a row, Unbounce will host its Call to Action Conference, where marketers and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn about digital marketing.

Taking place on September 25-26th at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, the Call to Action Conference will feature leaders in marketing, who will discuss topics such as design, copywriting, and data analytics.

The conference, which expects nearly 1,000 attendees, will also give attendees the opportunity to connect with other marketers and potential customers.

Some of this year’s speakers at include Jason Miller, Head of Brand Marketing at Microsoft; Nadya Khoja, Chief Growth Officer at Venngage; Larry Kim, CEO at MobileMonkey; and Carl Schmidt, CTO & Co-founder of Unbounce.

The speakers will cover topics such as measuring growth, product marketing, content marketing, and data-driven copywriting for new products.

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