Access to AI-powered insights and technology is reserved primarily for enterprises with large teams, big budgets, and the resources to handle technical complexities.

According to research out of Salesforce, only 11 percent of SMBs currently use AI technology, while 53 percent admit that budget constraints are the reason they aren’t adopting new technology.

Vancouver’s Unbounce wants to change that with their new AI-powered landing page product called Smart Traffic.

The patent-pending technology behind Smart Traffic is part of Unbounce’s aggressive ambitions to level the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses by giving them access to AI technology traditionally designed for large businesses.

Following rigorous beta testing, Smart Traffic has proven to increase conversion rates by an average of 20% over traditional A/B testing, giving businesses better results, in less time and with fewer visitors.

Unlike A/B testing that crowns just one champion landing page, Smart Traffic automatically routes visitors to the landing pages they’re most likely to take an action on such as when making a purchase.

The conversion-boosting algorithm operates beyond human capabilities to match each visitor to the perfect page for them based on the analysis of five key visitor attributes including location, device and timezone.

“AI is set to transform businesses in unbelievable ways,” said Carl Schmidt, CTO and co-founder of Unbounce. “But it’s enterprise firms that are benefiting — they have the means to purchase expensive AI-powered software. The 30 million small businesses across North America are being left behind without access to the smart technology they need to grow their businesses and keep pace with the competition.”

“Unbounce wants to change this trajectory — we want SMBs to be able to compete against big business, regardless of their budget or headcount. Smart Traffic is the first step on our journey towards helping small businesses access the power of affordable, easy to use AI-powered technology.”

Smart Traffic is available to customers on Unbounce’s Essential, Premium and Enterprise plans.

Unbounce is hiring in Vancouver.