Microsoft Canada announced today that it is undertaking the largest expansion of its Canadian-based cloud computing infrastructure since the launch of two Canadian cloud datacentre regions in 2016.

As part of the announcement, Microsoft will be adding Azure Availability Zones in the Azure Canada Central region, increasing compute capacity by more than 1300% since the region was first brought online in 2016.

Availability Zones give users high availability for their most demanding applications and services as well as confidence and protection from potential hardware and software failures by providing three or more unique physical locations within an Azure region.

Microsoft Azure is trusted by 95% of the Fortune 500 companies and has over 55 regions around the world – more than any other cloud provider.

Microsoft is delivering Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 from the local cloud regions in Canada to provide business customers with the benefits of enterprise-grade reliability and performance combined with data residency.

“Microsoft cloud services have been a core component to the growth and development of thousands of Canadian organizations, and we continue to make significant investments in both cloud solutions and skilling programs to ensure that all of our customers, whether private or public sector, startup or enterprise, are able to accelerate their digital transformation,” said Kevin Peesker, President of Microsoft Canada.

“The launch of Azure Availability Zones take Azure to a new level in Canada by offering customers increased reliability, performance and business continuity so they can thrive in the digital age.”

With this addition, Microsoft will be the only hyperscale cloud provider in Canada to offer Availability Zones and disaster recovery with in-country data residency.

Microsoft has also announcing the expansion of new services out of local datacentre regions, including the addition of new Azure ExpressRoute site in Vancouver.

In addition to existing ExpressRoute sites in Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City, Microsoft will be expanding its ExpressRoute offerings in Vancouver.

With the expansion, customers in Vancouver will have the option to create private connections to Microsoft cloud services. ExpressRoute connections do not go over the public internet, and offer more reliability, faster speeds and more consistent latencies than typical internet connections.

The service will go live by March 2020.