As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, Shopify’s Vancouver team is committing to help the city’s small businesses sell online.

Vancouver GM Lynsey Thornton announced on Twitter that her local team is taking 3 days to help businesses in the the city adapt to our new reality. “This weekend I found so many local stores not selling online yet. Let’s fix that”.

According to Thornton’s Twitter thread, Shopify will help you “1) Sell online 2) Add delivery/ pickup 3) Test out your ideas”.

“We do this because 1) We love our local businesses 2) We want first-hand experience applying Shopify solutions & advice so we can improve”.

Thornton promises to help as many businesses as they can one-on-one and share what they learn with the wider community.

If you are or know a local business who needs help adapting, direct message Thornton on Twitter to get started.