Our homes are about to get much smarter and way more energy efficient. Internet-connected smart windows just got one step closer to commercialization.

Vancouver smart glass developer Click Materials has announced a partnership with Cardinal Glass, a top producer of premium windows, to bring their smart window solution to the homes of millions across North America.

Smart windows are a multibillion-dollar market that includes Silicon Valley unicorn View. 

Through the partnership with Cardinal Glass, a top producer of premium windows, Click will be building out a pilot plant that could give them capacity to reach nearly $25 million in annual revenue.

Click has developed a patented technology that significantly reduces production costs of electrochromic glass by 60%, making smart windows more accessible for homeowners seeking ways to lessen energy consumption and costs.

Click’s electrochromic window technology will enable users to adjust the tint of a window between clear and dark states through an app, smart device or voice control, allowing for greater control over incoming solar heat and light levels that can lead to lower overall energy consumption and improved emotional well-being.

Click Materials was co-founded in 2012 by University of British Columbia chemist/clean energy researcher Curtis Berlinguette.

“As consumer appetite to bring smart technologies into the home grows, Click is delivering innovative advancements to window technology that will truly transform the way we experience our connected homes in the future,” said Berlinguette, CEO & co-founder of Click Materials.

“The opportunities here are immense; heating, cooling and lighting account for 35% of home energy consumption, half of which can be lost through windows. Studies have also shown that greater control over lighting can dramatically improve energy, mood and personal well-being. Our partnership with Cardinal Glass is a massive leap towards bringing the future of windows into the present, with just one Click.”

Click’s novel spray coating approach to applying thin films used in electrochromic windows uses manufacturing equipment readily available in the industry and markets across the U.S., has high production yields, offers unique benefits including faster switching times than what is currently possible and can be applied to curved surfaces at a fraction of the cost of current production methods.

Click is poised to be first to offer an internet-of-things (IoT) integrated smart window solution for broad adoption across residential, commercial and automotive sectors.