Salesforce has the Dreamforce conference. Hubspot has the Inbound conference. Shopify has the Unite conference.

Software-as-a-service offerings love running their own conferences and Vancouver is the home to a couple with Unbounce’s Call To Action and Traction on Demand’s TractionForce.

Now Later is getting into the conference game with LaterCon. What’s it about? In one word, Instagram. After all, Later knows Instagram.

LaterCon is on September 12th from 9am to 2pm PST and will feature 16 speakers, who live and breathe Instagram, sharing their expert tips and brand secrets.

It’s Later first ever Instagram marketing conference. Later has created LaterCon to help you be on top of your game, and to confidently build your brand on Instagram.

There’s a lot that goes into building your brand on Instagram in 2019 – trends move fast, new tools and features are constantly being released, the Instagram algorithm is smarter than ever – and creating a well-rounded, future-proof strategy is key for your success.

The best part of LaterCon? No waiting in lines. No expensive passes. No travel. This conference is completely digital.

It’s like a marketing conference, except you don’t have to leave your office or wear a name tag.

Get your free LaterCon ticket now.

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